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Audi A1 Range Overview

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that contain the biggest ideas: the humble paper clip, the tungsten filament, the pocket army knife. The Audi A1 is no exception. This car is a distillation of all the great technologies which came before it – many of which appear in the flagship A8. Featuring TDI® and FSI® engines born and bred on the racetrack and cutting edge technologies such as Start-Stop and S tronic®, this is amongst our most efficient cars
View the Audi A1 from the side. Up close. Or simply from the front. Whichever angle you choose, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the A1 is an exceptionally beautiful car. Available in both 3 door and 5 door Sportback derivatives, the Audi A1 is class leading for style, technology and efficiency.

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