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Audi A4 Range Overview

The Audi A4 sees things before you do. When driving it is crucial to constantly think ahead. That is why there is a variety of technologies that have been introduced into the Audi A4 model range which you can choose that will be aware of road conditions and draw your attention to any potential problems, before they occur.
Foresight is something that has also been employed to the design and specification of the new Audi A4 - with a focus upon making it as efficient as possible. The 2.0 TDIe engine derivative of the Audi A4 emits just 120g/km of CO2 and can achieve over 60mpg. A cars efficiency is dramatically effected by it's shape too, so we have designed the Audi A4 to be as aerodynamic as possible. There is also a Driver's Information System available in the Audi A4 which includes a specific efficiency programme, which offers regular advice on ways you can improve your cars fuel economy, as you drive. It also displays the items that are using energy in your car, which allows you to make an informed choice on what you want to keep running and what you want to turn off.

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